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Listeners Project 

The Listeners Project is 24hour filmmaking in empty spaces. Four filmmakers are given a room at random in a building and one day to shoot their short film using the walls of the space as their canvas.


Two weeks later all four films are screened together as a celebration of the creative challenge and the building itself. It’s also a chance for the filmmakers, both up-and-coming as well as those who are more established, to network and collaborate.  


The Listeners Project is a catalyst for creativity. We work with developers, private landlords and brands to release the creative potential in unique buildings and ‘meanwhile use’ spaces, creating artistic, site specific, content while giving opportunities to filmmakers from a variety of backgrounds. 


We work in anything from old warehouses to abandoned retail outlets, disused stations to stately homes, and we are always open to new ideas, so come and talk to us about the walls you have or the stories you’d like to tell.

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