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Millenium Mills


Millenium Mills is a former flour mill now an "industrial anachronism standing defiant and alone in the surrounding subtopia", and on the brink of re-development as part of the transformation of Silvertown. Our filmmakers were invited to this incredible location before it changes to see what the walls would inspire.

On each project directors are given a poem or quote as a common theme and jumping off point but on this project for the first time we collaborated with a band, Sparks, who offered tracks from their forthcoming album, Hippopotamus, as soundtracks to the films. The resulting films were all shot over four consecutive days, in four unique locations at the Mills. Directors Phil Fisk, Kuba Sobieski, Rory Waudby Tolley and duo Alexandra Green and Ben Lambert chose a track from Sparks' new album and then were given freedom to create whatever the walls and music brought to their imaginations. 





The Guest


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