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Spoken Word


Listeners Project began with a poem, Walter De La Mare's "The Listeners", it was part of the inspiration for our first four filmmakers at the house in Clapton. Poems are still often used as a starting point for each new film location but since then we've also invited some of London's current poets and storytellers to interpret the walls of the locations in their own way and perform live at the film screenings.



Matthew Landers - The Basement


Infecta - The Attic


Will White - The Factory Floor


Charlotte Cutler Knowles - The Ground Floor


Farmiloe Building

Inspired by four rooms of this old glass factory these four poets also performed live at the screening in October 2015.


The Mannequin Factory


Megan Beech, Erin Bolens, Conrad Gamble, Miguel Cullen were all invited in to the Rootstein Mannequin Factory to create four poems inspired by this interesting location in Spring 2016. 


Mannequins by Megan Beech


300 Heads - Erin Bolens


Adrian - Miguel Cullen


Opening Night - Conrad Gamble


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